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Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is a licensed and reliable security guard company based in California. The goal of our company is to become the first choice of our clients. We are committed to providing a quality product and exceptional service. Our company has been one of the top leaders in investigative, law enforcement, military, and security professions with an experience more than 15 years in the field. Our company’s culture is shaped by our values. It plays a big part in everything that we do. Our security guards can prevent security and safety problems effectively, safeguard your tangible and intangible assets, and have a positive impact on your organization. Deploying professional security guards can increase your profit and reputation. We operate round the clock to fulfill your needs and provide immediate and practical assistance for your business security. Dedicated, disciplined, and trained security guards are the strength of our company. Also, Alpha Eagle Security patrol workers have adequate soft skills to satisfy specific client needs. Also, when you choose Alpha Eagle Security Consultant, you’ll get an unparallel security service and a flexible contract. Take help from Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to hire the best-quality security guards in California.

Electronic Monitoring

Canines are trained with specificity to identify the presence of firearms and explosives in a wide variety of environments,

Alcoholic Monitoring

Our alcohol monitoring solutions play a vital role in getting lives back on track. 

RF Monitoring

Reliable hardware in a smart, cost-effective package, our Home Curfew RF Monitoring System gives you field-proven functionalities

GPS Tracking

For 30 years we have provided enhanced, innovative equipment and software solutions. Used around the world, our GPS solutions track participant movement 24/7.

Video Surveillance System

Whether you need an enterprise-class video surveillance solution with thousands of cameras to improve security throughout a city, 

Electronic Access Control

Our electronic monitoring experience includes providing GPS, RF, Alcohol, and Mobile App monitoring equipment and services to agencies across the United States and around the world.

Emergency Communications

Alpha Eagle Security Technology Services designs and implements one-to-one and mass communication systems using security intercoms, emergency telephones,

Fire & Life Safety

We work with our customers to design industry-leading fire alarm systems designed to easily integrate with other safety

Fire Watch

Alpha Eagle Security is offering fire Watch service for any commercial, residential, hospital, School, Government Facility,

Providing Cost Effective SECURITY SOLUTIONS

Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is built on integrity, honesty, and years of experience. It is the goal of
Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to provide the best service available and to be available for our clients.