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Alpha Eagle Security Consultant provides professional and skilled Bodyguards to prevent and mitigate threats. Our Bodyguard officers are ex-military/law enforcement; they are able to stand in front of danger.

They are highly trained to assess the imminent threats and security issues and devise a strategy to tackle them same.

Our officers (Bodyguards) that protect high-risk principals have been equipped with safety Jackets or body armor. Also, they have other ballistic shields, such as Kevlar-reinforced bags/jackets. Principal, if the employee does not have grave threats, the bodyguard officer will wear a normal but smart uniform comfortable enough to perform his duties without any trouble.

As we know, the work of a bodyguard is extensively challenging and sensitive, but we have trained officers have been trained in different sections, including…

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Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is built on integrity, honesty, and years of experience. It is the goal of
Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to provide the best service available and to be available for our clients.