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The Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is built on integrity, honesty, and experience. Our top mission and priority for the company are to provide superior, professional customer service available and available for our clients. Our administration team and Security Officers are licensed by California and meet the highest criteria in the field.

We are going to be satisfied until we meet the needs of our customers with the highest manner of professionalism.

Our company can provide you Armed ,Event ,Parking patrol and Fire Watch security guards services in Yuba city, Oroville, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego , CA




Our Armed Security officer (ASG) is primarily responsible for performing protective services such as Maintaining access to company facilities by employees, vendors, and visitors, protecting company martial and equipment. 


Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is always heir dedicated and alert unarmed security guard to manage the Security and safety of our premises. In this role, we let them know that their duties include performing access control, observing and reporting,


Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is recognized as industry-leading crowd management. We provide a professional and experienced management team and officers to every type of venue and event. And we provide numerous services on special occasions,

Parking Patrol

Alpha Eagle Security Consultant offers security patrol services that we are providing safety to a range of industries such as education, Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Government, Corporation Campuses, and events.

Fire Watch

Alpha Eagle Security is offering fire Watch service for any commercial, residential, hospital, School, Government Facility, Construction site, and retail space; we are here to serve and provide a solution for your security concerns; anywhere in California


Alpha Eagle Security Consultant provides professional and skilled Bodyguards to prevent and mitigate threats. Our Bodyguard officers are ex-military/law enforcement; they are able to stand in front of danger.

About Us

Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is a licensed and reliable security guard company based in California. The goal of our company is to become the first choice of our clients. We are committed to providing a quality product and exceptional service. Our company has been one of the top leaders in investigative, law enforcement, military, and security professions with an experience more than 15 years in the field. Our company’s culture is shaped by our values. It plays a big part in everything that we do.

The mission of Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is to advance safety and security by providing traditional security guards, security education, high-tech electronic surveillance, and partnership with law enforcement agencies. Our company can provide total security solutions and is able to work with you to design the best security package that can meet your security needs. Our company can provide highly trained security officers who can detect and prevent security and safety problems before they take place. Contact Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to get the best-quality security guards in California.

Our security guards can prevent security and safety problems effectively, safeguard your tangible and intangible assets, and have a positive impact on your organization. Deploying professional security guards can increase your profit and reputation. We operate round the clock to fulfill your needs and provide immediate and practical assistance for your business security. Dedicated, disciplined, and trained security guards are the strength of our company. Also, Alpha Eagle Security patrol workers have adequate soft skills to satisfy specific client needs. Also, when you choose Alpha Eagle Security Consultant, you’ll get an un parallel security service and a flexible contract. Take help from Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to hire the best-quality security guards in California.

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Alpha Eagle Security Consultant is built on integrity, honesty, and years of experience. It is the goal of
Alpha Eagle Security Consultant to provide the best service available and to be available for our clients.

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Please complete the employment application form with detailed information; our company’s Human Resources department will contact you as soon as they receive your application. Alpha Eagle Security is always seeking Professional and potential new security guard officers. For immediate assistance or job inquiries, feel free to submit information via email or call the Alpha Eagle Security Human Resources department.

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