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Know 4 good reasons to choose unarmed security guards

It is a misconception that armed security guards are more effective because they carry weapons. However, you might be surprised to realize that unarmed security guards make more sense and deliver a more effective service for you. It is important to know when you need a security guard. You can hire unarmed security guards if you have a surveillance system and need some additional security. Also, if your job has faced unexpected security risks in recent days and still you’re looking for a budget-friendly on-site security option for the first time. If you’re considering hiring a security guard but have yet to decide whether you should go for armed security officers or unarmed guards, here we can help with that.

Low-security threat: Unless you are facing high-risk threats such as violent conflict, or armed robbery, armed security guards might be more secure than you need. A lot of businesses and events face low-security risks and benefit from employing unarmed security guards. The situation that requires low-security threats is- traffic control, entry access, general surveillance, retail loss prevention, and corporate security settings.

You’re on a tight budget: Unarmed security guards can provide proper protection for you and your business at a lower cost. Unarmed security guards can save you money whereas armed security guards can cost more and put a strain on your overall budget. This is because armed security guards need added training, licensing, insurance, and on-the-job risks. Unarmed security guards can perform as well as armed security guards. Contact Alpha Eagle Security to get unarmed security services in Yuba City, CA.

You need to minimize liability: If someone gets injured or killed at the site because of your hired armed guard, it is you who would be held liable. You’d have to take responsibility for the victim’s injury or death and take care of related fees and settlements. This can be devastating for you financially, emotionally, and for your business’s reputation. Come to Alpha Eagle Security to hire unarmed security services in Yuba City, CA.

You’re in a gun-sensitive environment: Security guards should enhance the safety of the premises. However, an armed security guard can have the opposite effect. The presence of firearms can be unsettling for some people. Increased safety is a top purpose of an armed security guard. Just the sight of a gun can put people on edge and cause more upset. Visit our website to get more details about our company. Call us on +1(800)482-2532 to get more details.