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Top reasons to choose unarmed security guards

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Some situations call for bad security presence. Using unarmed security guards can provide an increased level of protection for customers, attendees, and employees. Hiring unarmed security guards is a reliable and cost-effective option. Unarmed security guards work for private companies that provide security services on a contract basis. They are hired by huge organizations or institutions to protect their property and assets. Unarmed security guards patrol the assigned area to look for any suspicious activity or anything out of ordinary. They do not carry weapons but use personal protective equipment such as batons or pepper spray when it is needed.

It is a common misconception that armed security guards are more effective than unarmed security guards. However, unarmed security guards can make more sense and deliver their job properly. If you are confused about your situation and yet to decide whether you should go with armed security guards or unarmed security guards, we can help you with this. You can use armed security guards if your business faces high-risk threats such as armed robbery, or violent conflict. However, many businesses and events face low-security risks and benefit from employing unarmed security guards.

Traffic control, entry access, general surveillance, and retail loss prevention are some of the jobs where you can hire unarmed security guards. Professional unarmed security guards can fulfill your need for enhanced order and safety. Unarmed security guards can provide equivalent protection for your business for a much lower cost. This is why you can save money by hiring unarmed security guards. Armed security guards cost more and can put a difficult strain on your budget. You shouldn’t think that unarmed security guards won’t perform well. They go through rigorous training and satisfy licensing requirements before employment. Hence, unarmed security guards can help you achieve improved security in low-risk situations. Come to Alpha Eagle Security to hire unarmed security guards in San Francisco, CA.

Keeping lethal forces away from your property can give you peace of mind. If the situation arises where the use of force is needed, then security guards can call on law enforcement officers to handle it. You want a security guard to enhance safety but when you hire armed security guards, you make our place a gun-sensitive environment. Also, the appearance of firearms can be unsettling to some. Although armed security guards’ purpose is to increase safety, the mere sight of a gun can make people uncomfortable and cause more upset among visitors. Contact Alpha Eagle Security to get unarmed security guards in San Francisco, CA. Visit our website to get more details about our company. Call us on +1(800)482-2532 to get more details.